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Korean Drama “Class Of Lies” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

Class of lies 2019

“Class Of Lies” (also called as “Undercover Teacher” or “Mr. Temporary”) is an OCN drama series that released on 17 July, 2019 and is available to watch online on Viki. Synopsis “Class Of Lies” Korean drama will tell the story of a lawyer Ki Moo Hyuk (Yoon Kyun Sang) who always wins his case. But

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More Trailers Released For Korean Drama “Undercover Teacher”

High School Crime drama 2019

We have some more set of trailers released for the Korean drama “Undercover Teacher” or “Class Of Lies” ahead of the drama premiere. The new trailers are pretty tense and we see some high school students being suspected by their teacher (undercover) for a crime. While one teaser shows the cast acting in an absolute

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Korean Drama “Class Of Lies” Released First Two Teasers

Yoon Kyun Sang Class of lies Mr temporary

“Class Of Lies” (also called Undercover Teacher) is an upcoming legal school drama that will have Yoon Kyun Sang (Clean With Passion), Geum Sae Rok, Lee Joon Young and Choi Yoo Hwa as the main leads. The drama will release on OCN. In the first two teaser we get to see the different characters of

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“Clean With Passion” Kdrama 2018 (Synopsis + Trailer)

The first episode of ‘Clean with Passion’ was released on 26 November, 2018. Synopsis The story is about a man called Jang Sun-Gyeol (Yoon Kyun-Sang) who has a disease called mysophobia (fear of germs) and a woman Gil O-Sol (Kim You-Jung) who is completely opposite to the disease. The drama will focus on their interactions and falling

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