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Yeo Jin Goo Might Be Starring In A New Drama Soon

Yeo Jin Goo for monster

Offers are out to actor Yeo Jin Goo to star in the new JTBC drama called “Monster”. The actor is currently considering to star in the drama. It comes from PD Shim Na Yeon who has directed dramas like “Moments of 18” and “Mad Dog” and the screenwriter Kim Soo Jin. Yeo Jin Goo earlier

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Complete List Of Historical Korean Dramas From 2019

complete list of historical korean dramas 2019

So here comes my first list dedicated specially to historical genre of Korean dramas. 2019 was certainly good as we got to see a handful of these kdramas than last year which was a total of just 3. This year we had 10 more than that and all are a worth watch for any historical

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8 Korean Dramas From 2019 Which Are Full Of Romantic Kisses

korean drama kisses 2019

We are in the fall season of 2019 and it is time to look back on some Korean dramas of this year whose romantic kisses are sure to keep you warm throughout the winter. So I’m back with another list and this one is dedicated to dramas that showed us heating chemistry between the leads.

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A Special Appearance Of Kim Soo Hyun Confirmed In IU’s “Hotel Del Luna” Finale

Kim Soo Hyun Hotel del luna

So “Hotel Del Luna” is about to end soon and IU made sure to have one more guest before it. And this time he is Kim Soo Hyun. Yes, Kim Soo Hyun will be making a special appearance for cameo in tvN drama “Hotel Del Luna”. The actor was discharged from his mandatory military service

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11 Korean Dramas To Bring Out The Vampire Inside You

vampire korean dramas must watch

Here is the list that would make you thirsty for blood. And romance that starts right at the neck of the people. Ok no more kidding. I’m mean ‘Korean Vampire drama list’. While making this list I realized that most of our favourite oppas have been vampire once in the drama world. That includes Ahn

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Korean Drama “Hotel Del Luna” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

Kdrama Hotel Del Luna

“Hotel Del Luna” is a tvN drama series that released on 13 July, 2019 and is available to watch online on Viki and Netflix. Synopsis “Hotel Del Luna” Korean drama will tell the story about a haunted hotel called ‘Del Luna’ and the adventures of Jang Man-wol (IU) and Goo Chan-seong (Yeo Jin Goo) in

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IU Scares Yeo Jin Goo In New Trailers for “Hotel Del Luna”

IU and Yeo Jin Goo Romantic

Upcoming horror Korean drama “Hotel Del Luna” featuring IU and Yeo Jin Goo releases few more trailers ahead of its release. We see that IU continuously scares Yeo Jin Goo who works as a manager in Hotel “Del Luna”. “Hotel Del Luna” will tell the story about a haunted hotel called ‘Del Luna’ and the

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Drama “Hotel Del Luna” Released 2 New Tarilers

IU ghost drama

Welcome to the hotel run by IU and Yeo Jin Goo! Upcoming tvN’s  spooky drama “Hotel Del Luna” released 2 new teaser trailers and in the trailers the main leads IU and Yeo Jin Goo are welcoming us to their hotel. But it looks so spooky ahh! “Hotel Del Luna” will tell the story about

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Korean Drama “My Absolute Boyfriend” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

My Absolute Boyfriend May 2019 drama cast

“My Absolute Boyfriend” is an SBS series that released on 15 May, 2019 and is available to watch online on Viki. Synopsis “My Absolute Boyfriend” Korean drama will tell a love story between a human and a robot. Uhm Da Da (Bang Min-ah) is a special effects make-up artist who don’t want to be in

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10 New Korean dramas Coming Your Way In May 2019

So the May Day is here and its time to look at what amazing Korean dramas are coming our way this month. Well! this month is lucky for drama fans as we have three rom-com dramas and two of them are fantasy rom-coms, also we have season 2 of OCN’s thriller “Save Me” and season

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