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Korean drama “Liver or Die” (Synopsis + Preview)

Liver or die kdrama cast

Korean Drama “Liver or Die” also called “What’s wrong, Poong Sang” released on January 10, 2019. Synopsis “Liver or Die” tells the story of a lonely and a generous middle-aged man named Poong Sang (Yoo Jun-sang) who took care of his four siblings named Jin-Sang (Oh Ji-ho), Jung-Sang (Jeon Hye-bin ), Hwa-Sang (Lee Si-young )

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Crime Investigation in the New Trailer of the Upcoming Korean Melodrama “Babel”

After “Left handed wife” another Korean melodrama “Babel” is in the line for January 2019 which will bring crime, mystery, law and romance with it. The new teaser trailer of the drama is full of suspiciousness. In the teaser Park Si-Hoo who is playing the role of a prosecutor takes on the case of a

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Korean Drama “Left Handed Wife” (Synopsis + Preview)

Left handed wife kdrama

Korean Drama “Left Handed Wife” released on January 2, 2019. Synopsis Left Handed Wife” will tell the story of Lee Soo Ho (Kim Jin Woo) and Oh Sun Ha (Lee Soo Kyung) who are newly married. They go on their honeymoon, but a strange incident changes their lives. Lee Soo Ho gets into an accident

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Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na in their first stage of relationship in new teaser trailer of Korean drama “Touch Your Heart”

Oh this new teaser trailer of Korean drama “Touch Your Heart” is making me crazy. In the teaser Lee Dong Wook likes Yoo In Na’s Instagram pick which made her blush. They are also seen on a cute movie date, where again their hands touched each other while taking the popcorn. ❤ (I guess it

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Korean Drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” released 2 new teaser trailers

This month we have a lot of good dramas and “Romance is a Bonus Book” also called “Romance Supplement” is also in the line. Just few hours ago tvN released two new trailers for the Korean Drama and both Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young are looking so beautiful reading a book in the

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Action-Packed first Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama “Vagabond”

Just few hours ago, the most anticipated drama of 2019 “Vagabond” released its first trailer and I can’t control my excitement for the drama. My first expression after seeing the trailer was Did I just see the trailer of a Korean drama or the trailer of a Hollywood action movie? :O “Vagabond” Korean drama tells

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First Teaser Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama “Left Handed Wife”

KBS2’s upcoming melodrama series “Left handed wife” released its first teaser. The drama includes Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Jin Woo, Jin Tae Hyun Lee Seung Yun and Ha Yun Joo in its cast. At first in the teaser Lee Soo Kyung is seen happy with her husband. They are walking happily while holding their hands.

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Love Begins Between Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook in the First Teaser for Kdrama “Touch your Heart”

So here it is what we all have been waiting for. The first teaser of the Korean Drama “Touch Your Heart” released and it is full of love. In the teaser both Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook are decorating a Christmas tree. Suddenly their hands accidentally brushes together and the love begins. ❤

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First Teaser Released For The Upcoming Korean Drama “Item”

Item Korean drama series 2019

MBC’s upcoming mystery/fantasy drama “Item” released its first teaser. The drama features Ju Ji Hoon and Jin Se Yun as the main leads. In the teaser we see Joo Ji Hoon is confused between all of the mysterious things going on around him. He is suffering a lot while finding the secrets behind all of

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Another Exciting Teaser Released For Korean Drama “My Strange Hero”

This December’s much anticipated romantic comedy Kdrama “My Strange Hero” released its 3rd teaser. In the teaser Yoo Seung Ho is seen crushing over Jo Bo Ah who is a bold and beautiful girl in school at first then ridiculing her. They even went on a date. In another frame both of them gets involved

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