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Won Jin Ah And SF9’s Rowoon In Talks To Star In “Sunbae, Don’t Put on That Lipstick”

won jin ah and rowoon for kdrama sunbae, don't put on that lipstick

After SF9’s Rowoon (Extraordinary You) offer is now out to Won Jin Ah (Melting Me Softly) for upcoming webtoon adaption drama “Sunbae, Don’t Put on That Lipstick”. Both are currently considering to star. “Sunbae, Don’t Put on That Lipstick” will tell an office romance story in which the woman is older than the man. Rowoon

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We Could See SF9’s Rowoon In A Noona Romance Drama

Rowoon for Sunbae, Don’t Put on That Lipstick

Offer is out to SF9’s Rowoon (Extraordinary You) for a noona romance drama “Sunbae, Don’t Put on That Lipstick”. The singer/ actor has been offered for male lead in the upcoming new drama which will be based on a popular webtoon of the same name. “Sunbae, Don’t Put on That Lipstick” will tell a romance

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10 New Korean Dramas Coming In October 2019

airing dramas october 2019

This month we have few dramas than September but most of them are the ones we have been waiting for. Also October 2019 will have some short Korean dramas from KBS drama special of 2019 , I have also included them in the following list. So make sure to check it and tell me in

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