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Korean drama “Romance Is a Bonus Book” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

Kdrama “Romance Is a Bonus Book” also called “Romance Supplement” or “How to Publish Love” released on 26 January, 2019 and is available online on Viki. Synopsis The drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” is a love story that is going to focus on the lives of workers in their 30’s working in a publishing

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The Cast is Dancing in the Library in the New Trailer of “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

Get ready to dance as the new trailer is out for the upcoming Korean rom-com drama “Romance Is A Bonus Book”, and everybody is dancing and having fun in it. The trailer starts with Lee Na Young, Jung Yoo Jin and Kim Tae Woo dancing to a rock tune. Then the whole cast is dancing

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Korean Drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” released 2 new teaser trailers

This month we have a lot of good dramas and “Romance is a Bonus Book” also called “Romance Supplement” is also in the line. Just few hours ago tvN released two new trailers for the Korean Drama and both Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young are looking so beautiful reading a book in the

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Korean drama “Romance Supplement” released first teaser trailer

Romance is a bonus book

Lee Jong Suk’s first romance Korean drama “Romance Supplement” also called “Romance is a Bonus Book” starring Lee Na Young released the first teaser trailer. Lee Jong Suk is narrating the trailer while sewing the pages of a book. The drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” is going to focus on the lives of workers

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Romance Supplement will have Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk as the main leads.

Korean drama “Romance Supplement” is now Lee Jong Suk’s first romantic comedy drama and Lee Na Young’s first South Korean drama after nine years. (The drama is holding so much meaning already. 😉 ) Lee Na Young chose ‘Romance Supplement’ as a heart warming comeback to drama world. So it is final now, we have

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Lee Jong Suk announces his first Romantic drama “Romance supplement”

This is truly we all have been waiting for! On 28 September Lee Jong Suk (While you were sleeping) said that he is going to do his first romantic Korean drama called “Romance supplement”. Lee Jong Suk said that he is excited to show his new side through this drama as this drama is different

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