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Korean Drama “Memorist” Confirms Complete Cast

Memorist 2020 complete cast confirmed

Upcoming tvN drama “Memorist” has finally confirmed its complete cast and also held the first script reading recently. With Yoo Seung Ho (My Strange Hero) and Lee Se Young (Doctor John) taking the main roles, while Jun Hyo Seong, Jo Sung Ha, Ko Chang Seok, Yoon Ji On, Kim Yoon Hee and many more joins

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(Confirmed) Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Se Young For “Memorist”

yoo seung ho and lee se young kdrama memorist 2020

So Yoo Seung Ho (My Strange Hero) and Lee Se Young (Doctor John) both are confirmed to star as the main leads in the upcoming mystery Korean drama “Memorist”. Both the actors have earlier worked together in Korean drama “Missing You” which aired in 2012. “Memorist” will tell the story of a detective named Dong

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Jun Hyo Seong Confirms For “Memorist”

Jung Hyo Seong Memorist

Jung Hyo Seong (Introverted Boss) has been confirmed to star in the upcoming tvN drama “Memorist”. The offers are also out to Yoo Seung Ho (My Strange Hero) and Lee Se Young (Doctor John), they are still to confirm for the roles. The drama comes from the PD of hit drama “100 Days My Prince”.

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Korean Drama “Doctor John” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

Ji Sung Doctor john

“Doctor John” or “Doctor Room” is an SBS drama series that released on 19 July, 19 and is available to watch online on Viki. Synopsis “Doctor John” Korean drama story will revolve around doctor Cha Yo Han’s (Ji Sung) journey towards discovering the reason behind the patient’s mysterious pain. He is also popular by the

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“Doctor John” Releases First Teaser

Ji Sung Doctor Room

First teaser trailer released for the upcoming SBS medical Korean drama “Doctor John” (also called “Doctor Room”). The teaser is narrated by Ji Sung. It shows that he is involved with some kind of discovery and it looked beautiful. The drama will have Ji Sung (Familiar Life) and Lee Se-young (The Crowned Clown) as the

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Korean Drama “Doctor Room” Confirms Main Cast

Doctor Room Kdrama

We have so many doctor dramas this 2019 and all aiming to cover different professions in the medical world with a blend of mystery with them. Upcoming SBS drama “Doctor Room” (or “Doctor Cha”) is one of them. “Doctor Room” casts Ji Sung (Familiar Life), Lee Se-young (The Crowned Clown), Lee Kyu-hyung and Shin Dong-mi

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Korean Drama “The Crowned Clown” (Synopsis + Preview)

The Crowned clown kdrama teaser

The Korean drama “The Crowned Clown” released on January 7, 2019. Synopsis Lee Hun (Yeo Jin-goo ) is a king who is in danger of being assassinated. In order to save the king a man named Ha Sun (Yeo Jin-Goo) who looks exactly like the king impersonates the king in the palace. Ha Sun was

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Intense 5 Minute Preview Released for the Upcoming Korean drama “The Crowned Clown”

Kdrama The Crowned Clown

We are just three days away from the most anticipated first historical Korean drama of 2019 that is “The Crowned Clown.” tvN released a 5 minute long preview of the drama and its filled with many intense moments. In the preview, the king fears for his life. He discovers a clown in the town who

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The Clown Tries to Impersonate the King in the New Trailer for Korean Drama “The Crowned Clown”

New trailer is out for the upcoming historical korean drama “The Crowned Clown” and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. 😂 In the teaser a man is trying hard to make Yeo Jin-Goo’s voice as strong as the real king. He is struggling hard to make it right, but is failing everytime and its really

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The Clown Meets The Queen In The New Teaser For Korean Drama “The Crowned Clown”

We have another teaser released for the upcoming historical tvN Korean drama “The Crowned Clown” In the new teaser a clown is performing in front of the queen and suddenly he takes the hand of the queen and removes his clown mask. They both then smiles while looking at each other. “The Crowned Clown” is

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