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Kim Da Mi And Kwon Nara Might Be Starring In Drama “Itaewon Class”

kim da mi and kwon nara itaewon class

Kwon Nara (Doctor Prisoner) and Kim Da Mi are in talks to star in the Korean drama “Itaewon Class” which is a webtoon adaption. Park Seo Joon (What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim) is also in talks for the casting. “Itaewon Class” will tell a tragic story of a man who is the son of the

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Korean Drama “Doctor Prisoner” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

“Doctor Prisoner” released on 20 March, 2019 and is available to watch online on Viki.   Synopsis Kdrama “Doctor prisoner” will tell the story of a doctor called Nah Yi Jae (Nam Goong Min) who was excellent in his job, yet due to some unfortunate incidents he was forced to leave his job. He then

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Korean drama “Doctor Prisoner” releases first teaser trailer

Naam Goong Min doctor prisoner (or doctor freeze) 2019

We have the first teaser trailer for the upcoming KBS medical mystery drama “Doctor Prisoner”. The drama stars Naam Goong Min (The Undateables), Kwon Nara (Your Honor), Choi Won Young (Sky Castle) and Kim Byung Chul. The teaser starts in an operation theater. There Naam Goong Min who is casted as Nah Yi Jae is

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Namgoong Min and Kwon Nara confirmed to star in the Korean drama “Doctor Prisoner”

“Doctor Prisoner” also called “Doctor Freeze” confirmed its complete cast with Naam Goong Min (The Undateables), Kwon Nara (Your Honor) and Kim Byung Chul starring in the drama. Namgoong Min will play the role of Nah Yi Jae and Kwon Nara that of Han So-geum. Korean drama “Doctor prisoner” will tell the story of a

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