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Web Drama “Love Playlist” Season 4 Soon To Air On YouTube

Love Playlist Season 4 cast 2019

V live original web drama “Love Playlist 4” will now air on YouTube channel Playlist Global. The drama has aired 3 seasons so far and the 4th season has surpassed million views on V live. It will have the same cast as previous season Park Jung Woo, Lee Yoo Jin, Kim Sae Ron,  Bae Hyun

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I Have Three Boyfriends (Web Drama Review)

i have 3 boyfriends funny scene kdrama

“I Have Three Boyfriends” also called “Boyfri3nds” is a Korean web drama that tells the story of a girl named Lahi who due to an accident suffered from amnesia and realized that she had 3 boyfriends. Her three boyfriends Gunwoo, Jihoo and Min Jun all work in the same company where Lahi works. This was

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Korea Web Drama “Love Equation 11m” Confirms Main Cast

Kpop cast web drama Love Equation 11m

AOA’s Yuna and Chanmi, ASTRO’s Yoon San-ha and Honeyst’s Kim Chul Min are confirmed to star in the upcoming web drama “Love Equation 11m” (or “Love Formula 11M” also known as “11M Farewell Formula”) which will focus on the everyday struggles of youth. “Love Equation 11m” will tell the story of an aspiring soccer player

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Korean Web Drama “I Have 3 Boyfriends” Releases Teaser

Korean Web Drama I have three boyfriends

There is an exciting Korean web drama release just around the corner “I Have 3 Boyfriends” (or 3 Boyfriends, 1 Secret). The drama will have Lee Jung Sik, Kim Ji Eun (Doctor Prisoner), Mun Ji Hu and Park Sung Ho as the main cast. In the teaser the Kim Ji Eun sadly counts her 3

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