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11 Korean Dramas To Bring Out The Vampire Inside You

vampire korean dramas must watch

Here is the list that would make you thirsty for blood. And romance that starts right at the neck of the people. Ok no more kidding. I’m mean ‘Korean Vampire drama list’. While making this list I realized that most of our favourite oppas have been vampire once in the drama world. That includes Ahn

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How Kim Woo Bin is doing now? (Actor Kim Woo Bin’s Health Update)

image : By Rokiei [1] During the show MBC’s “Radio Star” actor Ahn Bo Hyun  who is a close friend of  Kim Woo Bin talked about his recent phone call with him. The hosts of the show asked Ahn Bo Hyun about Kim Woo Bin’s health. Ahn Bo Hyun said, “We talked on the phone a

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