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Fates And Furies : Love In Revenge (Review)

Fates and Furies kdrama 2018 review

A brief summary of Fates and Furies Kdrama goes like this. Go Hae-Ra who is having every quality to become successful in life is somehow living miserably. She takes the fate in her hands and try to seduce a rich chaebol to support her sister who is in coma. Later she finds out the man

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(Fates and Furies) Kdrama Moment: Their First Kiss

Korean drama Fates and Furies kiss

~A Korean drama moment from Fates and Furies ep 16.~ As usual Go He Ra again stayed late at the work, so that she can have some time with Tae In Joon. They both were finally having some deep conversations related to their feelings about each other, although it was more about reading between the

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Kdrama “Fates and Furies” First Impression (How I Felt)

Lee Min Jung in Fates and Furies

Fates and Furies is a story about a smart and beautiful woman called Goo Hae-Ra (Lee Min-Jung) who lives a miserable life due to some financial problems in her family. In order to make her life better she tries to make the heir of a good company (Joo Sang-Wook) to fall in love with her.

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