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Korean Drama “Hello Dracula” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

Hi Dracula jtbc drama festa 2020

“Hello Dracula” (or “Hi Dracula”) is a JTBC drama Festa that released on 17 February, 2020. Synopsis “Hello Dracula” Korean drama will tell the story of people who live in Block Z and their changes in lives when they face problems they want to avoid. The first story is of An Na (Seohyun) who lives

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Korean Drama “Human Luwak” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

JTBC Drama Festa Human Luwak 2020

“Human Luwak” is a JTBC drama festa series that released on 30 December, 2019. Synopsis “Human Luwak” Korean drama will tell the story of a salesman Jung Cha Sik (Ahn Nae Sang) who gets forced retirement due to some damage he caused his company. After that, one night he becomes “Luwak Human.” Genre Drama Special

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