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Korean drama “Love In Sadness” Releases 1st Teaser

Love You in Sadness Kdrama February 2019

Upcoming MBC drama which is a remake of an old Japanese drama (Beautiful Person) released its first teaser. The drama is called “Love In Sadness” (or I Love You When I’m Sad) In the teaser a woman looks really very sad and she unbutton her shirt and turn to Ji Hyun (who is playing the

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Upcoming Korean Drama “I love you when I’m sad” Confirms Its Cast

The upcoming MBC Korean drama “I Love You When I’m Sad” confirms its cast. The drama will star Ji Hyun Woo, Park Han Byul, Ryu Soo Young and Wang Bit Na. The drama “I Love You When I’m Sad” which is remake of an old Japanese TBS drama “Beautiful Person” by writer Nojima Shinji, will

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