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Kdrama “Hip Hop King – Nassna Street” Confirms Main Cast

hip hop king nassna street

A new musical Korean drama “Hip Hop King – Nassna Street” based on hip hop is in works. The cast for the drama has been already confirmed. APRIL’s Naeun, Hoya, Cross Gene’s Shin Wonho, and Korean-Nigerian model Han Hyun Min will be starring together in the SBS drama. “Hip Hop King – Nassna Street” story

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Korean Drama Devilish Joy Review

Devilish Joy Korean drama 2018

Devilish Joy (or Devilish Charm) is a strange but beautiful love story between a genius doctor (Choi Jin Hyuk) who suffers from “Cinderella Memory Disorder” (a disorder in which the person forgets everything the next day), he got this disease due to a car accident he got into while trying to help a woman who

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