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Namgoong Min (Stove League) And Han Ye Seul Offered The Leading Roles In tvN’s “Night And Day”

namgoong min and han ye seul for night and day 2020

Namgoong Min who is currently starring in the sports drama “Stove League” has been offered for the main role in tvN’s upcoming new drama “Night And Day”. Han Ye Seul (Big Issue) has also been offered for the female lead role. Both the actors are yet to confirm. “Night And Day” will tell a mystery

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Korean Drama “Big Issue” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

big issue drama 2019

“Big Issue” released on 6 March, 2019 and is available online on Viki. Synopsis “Big Issue” will tell the story of a photographer named Han Seok-Joo (Joo Jin-mo) who loses his job and everything due to a photo and an ill-famed chief editor named Ji Soo-Hyun (Han Ye-seul) who is always after scandalous news. She

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9 New Korean Dramas Coming Your Way In March 2019

spiritual kdrama possessed

The winter is almost over. The romantic month is also over, that means we might fall short of romance Korean dramas for this month. The March month has brought some different genres, that being medical, crime, mystery and horror. Literally every scary yet exciting genre you can imagine is set to premiere in March. I

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Korean Drama “Big Issue” Releases First Teaser Trailer

han ye seul big issue

“Big Issue” upcoming drama starring Han Ye Seul (20th Century Boy and Girl) and Joo Jin Mo (The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot 2) has finally released its first teaser trailer and it looks pretty suspicious. In the teaser we see a glamorous and suspicious avatar of Han Ye Seul and a photographer who discovers

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10 New Korean Dramas Coming Your Way In February 2019

This February, 2019 we have a total of 10 new Korean dramas coming our way with most of them being of rom-com genres. Also there are two supernatural dramas, one fantasy drama and two comedy dramas. I’ll be looking forward to two kdramas, that is ‘Touch your heart’ and ‘Possessed’. Let’s hope I could squeeze

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Han Ye Seul and Joo Jin Mo will co-star in the upcoming Korean drama “Big Issue”

Big Issue Kdrama February 2019

I have been waiting for a Han Ye Seul drama after I watched her in Korean drama ’20th Century Boy and Girl’. My wait is finally over 🙂 . Han ye Seul confirms to star with Joo Jin Mo in the upcoming SBS Korean drama “Big Issue”. “Big Issue” will tell the story of a

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