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Korean drama “Blessings Of The Sea” (Synopsis|Cast|Preview)

blessings of the sea kdrama

Korean Drama “Blessings of the sea” also called “The Dragon King Protects” released on January 14, 2019. Synopsis “Blessings of the sea” tells the love story of bright and attractive Sim Chung-Yi (Lee So Yun) who sees world as full of colours and a highly skilled pianist Ma Poong-Do (Jae Hee) who sees the world

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Lee Yi Kyung Will Reappear in “Laughter In Waikiki” Season 2

Lee Yi kyung Laughter In Waikiki Season 2

Wow! Yeorobun! I have a great news. HB entertainment confirmed that Lee Yi Kyung will be starring in the season 2 of 2018’s hit comedy “Laughter in Waikiki”. However other cast and the releasing date is yet to be announced. Korean drama “Laughter in Waikiki” or “Welcome to Waikiki” is a 2018 youth South Korean

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Romance Supplement will have Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk as the main leads.

Korean drama “Romance Supplement” is now Lee Jong Suk’s first romantic comedy drama and Lee Na Young’s first South Korean drama after nine years. (The drama is holding so much meaning already. 😉 ) Lee Na Young chose ‘Romance Supplement’ as a heart warming comeback to drama world. So it is final now, we have

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