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Jang Ki Yong Playing A Killer In The First Teaser of “Kill It”

jang ki yong kill it or blue eyes kdrama

The first teaser has been released for the upcoming OCN action thriller drama “Kill It” (earlier called ‘Blue Eyes’) and the contract killer played by Jang Ki Yong is all in action. The teaser starts with Jang Ki Yong walking in the dark and then we see a gunshot. Then the serious and angered face

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Jang Ki Yong and Nana To star Together in ‘Blue Eyes’

Jang Ki Yong (Come and hug me) and Nana (The Good Wife), both of the actors will be starring together in the upcoming OCN Korean drama “Blue Eyes”. “Blue Eyes” is a crime/thriller melodrama about a man named Kim Soo-hyeon who is a contract killer and a woman named Do Hyeon-jin who is a detective.

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