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Korean Drama “Watcher” Releases Another Trailer

Seo Kang Joon new drama Watcher

Another trailer released for the upcoming thriller drama “Watcher”. In the trailer we see our team of main leads Seo Kang Joon, Han Suk Kyu and Kim Hyun Joo in action to catch the corrupt people of the society. They all seem to have a secret plan. “Watcher” will tell the story of three people

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“Welcome 2 Life” Releases First Teaser Trailer

Welcome 2 Life drama Rain and Lim Ji Yeon

We have a very first teaser released for the upcoming legal fantasy Korean drama “Welcome 2 Life” (also called Living Two Lives Anyway). The drama will have Rain and Lim Ji Yeon as the main leads. In the teaser we see how Rain and Lim Ji Yeon’s happy life takes turn after both gets involved

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Korean Web Drama “I Have 3 Boyfriends” Releases Teaser

Korean Web Drama I have three boyfriends

There is an exciting Korean web-drama release just around the corner “I Have 3 Boyfriends” (or 3 Boyfriends, 1 Secret). The drama will have Lee Jung Sik, Kim Ji Eun (Doctor Prisoner), Mun Ji Hu and Park Sung Ho as the main cast. In the teaser the Kim Ji Eun sadly counts her 3 boyfriends.

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17 New Korean Dramas Coming In July 2019

kdramas july 2019

Waoow! we have a big drama month this July. A lot of new dramas are premiering and it is the beginning of the other half of 2019. It means a lot of dramas have completed already and you can now finally prepare your 2019 watch list of Korean dramas. And to help you with that

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Korean drama “Doctor Detective” Releases First 2 Trailers

Upcoming medical crime investigation SBS drama “Doctor Detective” has released first two teaser trailers. The drama will have Lee Ki Woo (Fates And Furies), Park Jin Hee (Return) and Bong Tae Kyu as the main cast. The first teaser is titled as “Industrial disaster mystery investigation is coming” in which it showed a news related

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“Be Melodramatic” Releases First Teaser

Melo Is my nature drama July 2019

Upcoming JTBC Korean drama “Be Melodramatic” (or Melo Suits Me) releases its first teaser trailer. In the teaser we see group of friends who are watching a romantic melodrama together. Each have their own thoughts about the drama and love. In the end we see Ahn Jae-Hong waving in the drama. “Be Melodramatic” will tell

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Netflix Korean drama “My First First Love” Season 2 Confirms Premiering Date

april netflix 2019 kdrama

Yes! the Netflix Original Korean series “My First First Love” is already having a second season. The first season ending made it pretty sure that a season 2 is in the line. Season 2 of “My First First Love” (or Because This Is My First Love) will have the same cast as Season 1, Ji

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Kim Da Mi And Kwon Nara Might Be Starring In Drama “Itaewon Class”

kim da mi and kwon nara itaewon class

Kwon Nara (Doctor Prisoner) and Kim Da Mi are in talks to star in the Korean drama “Itaewon Class” which is a webtoon adaption. Park Seo Joon (What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim) is also in talks for the casting. “Itaewon Class” will tell a tragic story of a man who is the son of the

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Kdrama “When Devil Calls Your Name” Releases First Teaser

Jung Kyung Ho When devil calls your name drama

A very first teaser trailer released for the upcoming tvN drama “When Devil Calls Your Name”. The teaser is narrated by Jung Kyung Ho. It has a scary tone and Jung Kyung Ho is going inside the hell fire. “When Devil Calls Your Name” will tell the story of a man named Ha Rip (Jung

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