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17 Shocking Facts About “Crash Landing On You” Didn’t Know

facts about crash landing on you

There is a lot about “Crash Landing On You” that you might have missed. From the OST’s to all the Cameo’s there are so many facts related to CLOY that make it more than just a drama. Some of these are sure to surprise you, so have a look. 1. “Crash Landing On You” is

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10 Beautiful Slice Of Life Korean Drama Quotes By IU (Lee Jieun)

iu drama hotel del luna quotes and dialogue

Whenever we are watching any kdrama we go through an emotional roller-coaster. And obviously there are always some amazingly relatable quotes that knocks the doors of your heart. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing quotes by IU that will stuck in your mind for forever. 1 ”Everyone struggles for their whole life,

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14 Korean Dramas Coming Your Way In March 2020

korean dramas march 2020

So the time has come to see what new Korean dramas are coming our way in March 2020. This month we have a lot of much awaited dramas like “A Piece Of Your Mind”, “Welcome” and more. Also the season 2 of the zombie thriller “Kingdom”. Many actors are returning to drama world this month

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8 New Korean Dramas Coming Your Way In February 2020

korean dramas february 2020 kdramas

It is time to see what new dramas are coming our way in this love month (February) of 2020. Well! not much of romance dramas but more of thriller this time. Where “My Holo Love” and Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon’s “I’ll Go To You When The Weather is Nice” will surely be

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10 New Korean Dramas Coming Your Way In January 2020

korean drama january 2020

It is time to see what new dramas are coming our way in the first month (January) of  2020. Well! this time not much of the dramas will be airing but each one of them is worth to watch as they have been highly anticipated. Park Seo Joon and Taecyeon are making a comeback with

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11 New Korean Dramas Coming Your Way In December 2019

december 2019 korean dramas

So it is time to see what new Korean dramas are coming our way in the final month (December) of 2019. Well! this time we have pretty cool and unique dramas along with some specials. Unique in the sense, they cover some topics that have been rarely covered till now. A sports drama about baseball,

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Kdrama “Melting Me Softly” Episode 1 Recap (How I felt)

Frozen experiment melting me softly recap

“Melting Me Softly” is a story in which a man and a woman are convinced to be frozen for 24 hours for an experiment. But the experiment goes wrong and they both wake up after 20 years. Despite preserving their youth, the experiment results in a side effect in which they must keep their body

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