jo yeo jeong and go joon for if you cheat, you die

Offers Are Out To Jo Yeo Jeong And Go Joon For “If You Cheat, You Die”

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Jo Yeo Jeong (Woman of 9.9 Billion) and Go Joon (Oh My Baby) are offered to star in the new comedy drama “If You Cheat, You Die”.

“If You Cheat, You Die” Korean drama will focus on some experiences of adult. Jang Yeo Joo is a best selling novelist. Although living an ordinary and happy life her novels are full of mystery and thrill. She is married to a successful lawyer. Han Woo Sung who is a divorce lawyer often gets close to his clients and helps them emotionally.

Jo Yeo Jeong is likely to play the role of Jang Yeo Joo and Go Joon that of Han Woo Sung if confirmed.

The drama is likely to release at the end of 2020.


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