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Korean Drama “Once Again” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Once Again” (or “I Have Been There Once”) is a KBS2 drama series that released on 28 March, 2020 and is available to watch online on Viki.

Once Again poster Korean drama 2020


“Once Again” Korean drama will tell the story of Song family which has a miserly father, a cute but materialistic mother, and their four grown children. The family never had a happy day and things even lead to divorce. The drama will focus on love and emotions that comes with family.


Family, Romance, Melodrama

Main Cast

Chun Ho Jin as Song Young Dal
Cha Hwa Yeon as Jang Ok Boon (Young Dal’s wife)
Lee Min Jung as Song Na Hee (Young Dal & Ok Boon’s second daughter)
Lee Sang Yeob as Yoon Kyu Jin
Oh Yoon Ah as Song Ka Hee (Young Dal’s & Ok Boon eldest daughter)
Lee Jung Eun as Cho Yun


Kdrama “Once Again” will have a total of 100 episodes.

Still Cuts (Official Site)

Lee Min Jung Once AgainLee Sang Yeob Once Again kdrama 2020Cha Hwa Yeon Once againChun Ho Jin Once again korean drama 2020Once Again Lee Sang Yeob Mother 2020daughter middle once again korean drama 2020Youngest daughter siblings once againYoungest daughter marraige scene once again korean dramaLee Jung Eun drama Once again 2020Lee Min Jung and Lee Sang Yeob korean drama 2020 Once againOnce Again main leads Korean drama 2020 sceneAll three Ajhummas Once Again 2020


  1. Chun Ho Jin earlier starred in Korean drama “Save Me 2” (2019).
  2. Cha Hwa Yeon earlier starred in Korean drama “The Golden Garden” (2019).
  3. Lee Min Jung earlier starred in Korean drama “Fates And Furies” (2019).
  4. Lee Sang Yeob earlier starred in Korean drama “Love Affairs in the Afternoon” (2019).
  5. Oh Yoon Ah earlier starred in Korean drama “A Pledge to God” (2018).
  6. Lee Jung Eun earlier starred in Korean drama “My Holo Love” (2020).


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Teaser 2

Little Preview


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