yoon hyun min, hwang jung eum and seo ji hoon for that guy is that guy

(Confirmed) Yoon Hyun Min, Hwang Jung Eum And Seo Ji Hoon For “That Guy Is That Guy”

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Upcoming rom-com “That Guy Is That Guy” confirms to star Yoon Hyun Min (My Holo Love), Hwang Jung Eum (The Undateables) and Seo Ji Hoon (Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency) as the main leads.

“That Guy Is That Guy” will tell the story of a woman Seo Hyun Joo (Hwang Jung Eum). She works in a webcomic planning team. Due to her painful past she decides to remain single. Meanwhile two men proposes her. One is Hwang Ji Woo (Yoon Hyun Min), CEO of a pharmaceutical company. He is of cold personality. Other is Seo Hyun Joo’s long time friend Park Do Gyeom (Seo Ji Hoon), a webtoon writer. He has a long crush on her since they were young.

“That Guy Is That Guy” is expected to release in summer 2020.

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