bae doo na and cho seung woo for stranger 2

(Confirmed) Bae Doo Na And Cho Seung Woo For “Stranger 2”

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So we have the cast ready for the second season of “Stranger” (or “Secret Forest”). With Yoon Se Ah (Melting Me Softly), Lee Joon Hyuk (Designated Survivor: 60 Days), Choi Moo Sung and more confirmed earlier to reprise their roles, recently Bae Doo Na (Kingdom) and Jo Seung Woo (Life) have also confirmed for the same. Both will be starring as the main leads.

“Stranger 1” told the story of a prosecutor who don’t show much emotions. He gets involved in a murder case which revealed the ugly truth of his attorney’s office. He then join hands with a police officer to solve the case. Season 2 is likely to continue the story around the team work of the prosecutor and police officer.

Kdrama “Stranger 2” is expected to release sometimes in July 2020.

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