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Korean Drama “Hello Dracula” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Hello Dracula” (or “Hi Dracula”) is a JTBC drama Festa that released on 17 February, 2020.

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“Hello Dracula” Korean drama will tell the story of people who live in Block Z and their changes in lives when they face problems they want to avoid.

The first story is of An Na (Seohyun) who lives with her mother Mi Young (Lee Ji Hyun). An Na has a secret.

The second story is of Yoo Ra (Go Na Hee) who with her family has to leave her house due to Redevelopment project in their area.

The third story is of Seo Yeon (Lee Joo Bin) who is the vocalist of an indie band. Seo Yeon still have feelings for her ex-boyfriend she broke up with 1 year ago.


Drama Festa, Melodrama, Slice Of Life

Main Cast

  • Seohyun as An Na
  • Lee Ji Hyun as Mi Young
  • Go Na Hee as Yoo ra
  • Lee Joo Bin as Seo Yeon


Kdrama “Hello Dracula” will have a total of 2 episodes.

Still Cuts

hi dracula korea drama festtaAn Na mother in hello dracula festaseolhyun hello dracula festa 2020rock band girl hi dracula dramaLee Joo Bin drama festa hello draculaboyfriend in hello dracula 2020

drama festa jtbc 2020hello dracula korean drama 2020hi dracula kdrama child love story scene


  1. JTBC Drama Festa is a one-act play TV series that airs on JTBC, a South Korean subscription television network.
  2. Seohyun earlier starred in Korean drama “The Time” (2018).
  3. Lee Ji Hyun earlier starred in Korean drama “Dr. Romantic 2” (2020).
  4. Child actress Go Na Hee earlier starred in Korean drama “Arthdal Chronicles” (2019).
  5. Lee Joo Bin earlier starred in Korean drama “The Tale Of Nokdu” (2019).



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