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Korean Web Drama “Ending Again” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Ending Again” (or “Ddohanbeon Ending“) is a Naver TV Cast and Playlist’s original web series that released on 8 February, 2020 and is available to watch online on YouTube.

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“Ending Again” Korean drama will tell the story of two people who don’t want to marry but end up being engaged into a fraud marriage to get the “Newlyweds jeonse loan” [e.g. governmental financial support for newly married couples to help them rent houses].

Cha In Young (Jo Soo Min) is an intern in the marketing team of Levan Art Museum. She decides not to marry anyone after she break up from her long time boyfriend Yoo Chan Hee (Kang Hee).

Yoo Chan Hee wanted to study abroad instead of marrying her. Cha In Young somehow end up getting into contract marriage to be able to get the governmental financial support for newly married couples.


Romance, Youth, Web drama

Main Cast

  • Jo Soo Min as Cha In Young
  • Kang Hee as Yoo Chan Hee
  • Kim Geon Won as Do Yoon So


Kdrama “Ending Again” will have a total of 12 episodes.

Still Cuts

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  1. “Ending Again” is the third drama from the “Ending” series after “The Flower Ending” (2018) and “The Best Ending” (2019).
  2. A webtoon having the same story as the web drama was released on Feb 1 (here).
  3. Jo Soo Min earlier starred in drama special “Birthday Letter” (2019).
  4. Kang Hee earlier did supporting role in Korean drama “Familiar Wife” (2018).
  5. “Ending Again” is the first acting project for Kim Geon Won.



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