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“Oh My Baby” Casts Jang Nara, Go Joon, Jung Gun Joo And Park Byung Eun

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Upcoming rom-com “Oh My Baby” has its main cast ready with Jang Nara (VIP), Go Joon (The Fiery Priest), Jung Gun Joo (Extraordinary You) and Park Byung Eun (Arthdal Chronicles) all confirmed for the main roles.

“Oh My Baby” Korean drama will tell the story of Jang Ha Ri (played by Jang NaRa) who is the senior editor of a parenting magazine named “The Baby”. She is 39 years old but has been single for almost a decade. Jang Ha Ri desperately wants to have a baby but has no interest in marrying anyone. Meanwhile three men walks into her life.

Han Yi Sang (played by Go Joon) is a freelance photographer who made a bad first impression on Jang Ha Ri,

Yoon Jae Young (played by Park Byung Eun), a pediatrics expert is a close friend of Han Yi Sang and

Choi Gang Eu Tteum (played by Jung Gun Joo) works under Jang Ha Ri and has a crush on her.

“Oh My Baby” comes from the PD of hit dramas like “Voice 3“, “Beauty Inside” and “Tunnel” and is expected to release sometimes in May or June 2020.

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