tvn drama stage 2020 I object

Korean Drama “I Object” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“I Object” is one of the tvN drama stage 2020 series that released on 22 January, 2020.

tvn drama stage I object poster 2020


“I Object” Korean drama will tell the story of a pregnant woman Ahn Hae Seon (Yoo Da In). She used to be a dental hygienist. Ahn Hae Seon decides to  go on a lawsuit when she didn’t get her 3 week’s worth of pay.


Drama Stage, Special

Main Cast


Kdrama “I Object” will be a one episode drama.

Still Cuts

Kdrama I Object drama stage 2020Yoo Da In drama stage i objectJudge I object drama Koreandrama stage tvn i object scene


  1. “I Object” is one-act drama that is part of tvN’s series “Drama Stage 2020.” It is its third season and will have a total of 10 dramas.
  2. Yoo Da In earlier acted in Korean drama “Sketch” (2018).


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