Hearts and hari web drama Korean tooniverse 2020

Korean Web Drama “Hearts And Hari” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Hearts And Hari” (or “Hari’s Love Formula”) is a Tooniverse original web series that released on 17 January, 2020 and is available to watch online on YouTube.

Hearts and hari web drama tooniverse 2020 poster


“Hearts And Hari” will be centered around some teenagers and show some fluttering love stories at coffee shop. The teenagers include hard-working barista Hari (Jiye) , hot chick Chaerin, romeo Taehyung, bubbly girl Byeol, alpha male Doyoon, likable nerd Eunseo, and teen star Minhyun



Main Cast

Jiye as Hari



Still Cuts

Korean web drama hearts and hari sceneJiye as Hari in web drama Hearts And Haricoffe shop teenage web drama Hearts And Haricheren Hearts And Hariweb kdramaHearts And Hari web drama Korean 2020


  1. The outlook of “Hearts And Hari” is also connected to the game [Ghost Signal]. The studio is the coffee shop in the game Ghost Signal. The clue is in the game.
  2. “Hearts And Hari” web drama is running on the Ghost House channel YouTube at 5 p.m KST and on Tooniverse at 9 p.m KST.


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