Romantic doctor teacher kim 2 january 2020 kdramas

Korean Drama “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2” (Dr. Romantic 2) is an SBS drama that released on 6 January, 2020 and will be soon available to watch online on Viki.

Romantic doctor teacher kim 2 january 2020 kdramas


“Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2” Korean drama will tell the story of a doctor of Doldam Hospital named Boo Yong Joo (Han Suk Kyu) popularly known as teacher Kim. He is a genius, but eccentric doctor.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Jin (Ahn Hyo Seop) is a first year surgical fellow who has excellent skills. He doesn’t get along with his peers but is appreciated by his professors.

Cha Eun Chae (Lee Sung Kyung) is a 2 year fellow in cardio surgery. Her drawback is that she gets nervous while in a surgery room.


Melodrama, Medical, Romance

Main Cast

Han Suk Kyu as Teacher Kim / Boo Yong Joo
Lee Sung Kyung as Cha Eun Jae
Ahn Hyo Seop as Seo Woo Jin
Kim Joo Hun as Park Min Gook


Kdrama “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2” will have a total of 32 episodes. (2 episodes back to back)

Still Cuts

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  1. Han Suk Kyu, Kim Hong Pa, Jin Kyung, Im Won Hee, Byun Woo Min, Kim Min Jae, Choi Jin Ho, Jang Hyuk Jin and Yoon Na Moo reprised their roles from the first season.
  2. Han Suk Kyu earlier starred in Korean drama “Watcher” (2019).
  3. Lee Sung Kyung earlier starred in Korean drama “About Time” (2018).
  4. Ahn Hyo Seop earlier starred in Korean drama “Abyss” (2019).
  5. Kim Joo Hun earlier starred in Korean drama “Designated Survivor: 60 Days” (2019).


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