JTBC Drama Festa Human Luwak 2020

Korean Drama “Human Luwak” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Human Luwak” is a JTBC drama festa series that released on 30 December, 2019.

JTBC Drama Festa Luwak Human poster.jpg


“Human Luwak” Korean drama will tell the story of a salesman Jung Cha Sik (Ahn Nae Sang) who gets forced retirement due to some damage he caused his company. After that, one night he becomes “Luwak Human.”


Drama Special

Main Cast


Kdrama “Human Luwak” will have a total of 2 episodes.

Still Cuts

Ahn Nae Sang Human Luwak kdrama festa special stageDrama festa Kdrama Human Luwakkdrama festa Human Luwak daughterJTBC Drama Festa Human Luwak 2020Korean drama Human Luwak Ahn Nae Sang


  1. Ahn Nae Sang earlier starred in Korean drama “My Country” (2019).


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