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Complete List Of High School Korean Dramas 2019

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High School is one of the favourite genre among Korean drama fans. There is something like first love which fills these dramas with innocence and beauty. Thankfully 2019 gave us 8 high school kdramas each with a unique premise and genre. Not just first love but we also have a crime investigation high school drama and one drama based on a serious issue like bullying. An app that can tell if the person next to you have feelings for you gets popular in the high school, a high school student who wants to become a rapper and some high school students whose world is a webtoon, these all makes the complete list of high school Korean dramas 2019.

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1. Class Of Lies


“Class Of Lies” Korean drama will tell the story of a lawyer Ki Moo Hyuk (Yoon Kyun Sang) who always wins his case. But one of his case related to a high school incident ruins his reputation as a lawyer. To make things better once again he disguise himself as a temporary teacher (under the name Ki Kang Je) in high school and tries to disclose a secret hidden among students.

Type: High School, Crime Investigation

2. Moment At 18


“Moment At Eighteen” Korean drama will tell the story of teenagers Choi Joon Woo (Ong Sung Woo), Yoo So Bin (Kim Hyang Gi) and Ma Hwi Young (Shin Seung Ho). All with different personalities and ambitions, they learn and experience about life and the hardships it offers when you are 18. Choi Joon Woo who don’t express much meets Yoo So Bin and Ma Hwi Young when he transfers to a new school.

Type: High School, Romance

3. Hip Hop King


“Hip Hop King – Nassna Street” Korean drama story will revolve around some young people along with their experiences with hip hop music and culture.

Bang Young Baek (Lee Ho Won) a high school student who lives with his poor grandmother moves to Seoul to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper. There he joins Doobak High School and meets Song Ha Jin (Lee Na Eun), Kim Tae Hwang (Shin Won Ho) and Seo Ki Ha (Han Hyun Min). Song Ha Jin and Seo Ki Ha becomes friends with Young Baek. Kim Tae Hwang is from a rich family whose parents are supportive for his rapping career.

Type: High School, Musical

4. Love Alarm


“Love Alarm” Korean drama will tell the story of a young girl named Kim Jojo (Kim So Hyun) who lives with her aunt because her parents are gone. She signs up for an app called “Love Alarm” that can tell if the person standing at some distance has some romantic feelings for you. Through this app she finds that the school’s most popular guy Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang) and his best friend Lee Hye Yeong (Jung Ga Ram) both likes her.

Type: High School, Fiction Romance

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5. Extraordinary You


“Extraordinary You” Korean drama will tell a story of high-school girl Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) who happens to relate her personality and life to a supporting character in a romance manga. She then tries to change the story of her life by using the flashes of story board which is only seen by her.

Type: High School, Fantasy Romance

6. 17 Years Old Condition


Also called “Everything And Nothing” Korean drama will focus on the pain and growth a 17 years old go through in life. Min Jae (Yoon Chan Young) and Seo Yeon (Park Si Eun) are both high school students. Min Jae is good in studying and is of sensitive personality. Seo Yeon lives with her mother after her parents divorced. They both study in the same school.

Type: High School, Drama Special

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7. Beautiful World


“Beautiful World” will tell the story of Park Sun Ho (Nam Da-reum) who is in his final year of middle school. He faces school violence which leaves him on a cliff between life and death. Park Soo Ho (Kim Hwan-hee) is Park Sun Ho’s sister. They both study in the same school. She tries to help Park Sun Ho regarding the violence in school.

Type: High School, School Issue

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8. Black Dog


“Black Dog: Being A Teacher” Korean drama will tell the stories of teenagers and the things that happen in school. Ko Ha Neul (Seo Hyun Jin) who dreamed of becoming a teacher when she was little is now assigned a temporary position in a school. There she get close to teachers Park Sung Soon (Ra Mi Ran) and Do Yeon Woo (Ha Joon). Ko Ha Neul grows as a person and as a teacher as she fights for the problems faced by the students in everyday life.

Type: High School, Teachers

So how many high school Korean dramas have you watched from this 2019 list?

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