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(Recap List) All Korean Drama Releases In The Second Half Of 2019


Winter holidays are here! Christmas time is here! New Year is near!

But before looking into the new Korean dramas coming in 2020 let us have a recap of more than 100+ Korean dramas that released in 2019. The following list comprises only the Kdrama premieres of second half. The list of Korean dramas that aired in the first half of 2019 can be found here.

It is time to do the counting of dramas you have watched and the dramas you have missed this 2019. Enjoy!

❤ July Korean Dramas ❤

kdramas july 2019
S.No.Drama NameGenre
1Designated Survivor: 60 DaysPolitical, Thriller
2Love Affairs In The AfternoonMelodrama, Romance
3WatcherCrime, Thriller, Mystery
4Level UpRom-Com (Romantic Comedy)
5Hotel Del LunaHorror, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
6Everybody Say KungdariSlice Of Life, Family, Melodrama, Comedy
7Class Of LiesLegal, Crime, Suspense, High School
8Doctor DetectiveMedical, Investigation, Crime
9JusticeRevenge, Mystery, Law, Thriller
10Rookie Historian Goo Hae RyungHistorical, Romance, Social issue
11Doctor JohnMedical, Investigation
12Golden GardenMystery, Melodrama
13Moment at 18Teenage, High School, Romance, Life
14My First First Love 2Youth, Romance, Life, Friendship
15When The Devil Calls Your NameFantasy, Romance

❤ August Korean Dramas ❤

kdramas august 2019 update
S.No.Drama NameGenre
1617 Years Old ConditionYouth, Slice Of Life, Romance
17Welcome 2 LifeParallel World, Law, Mystery, Suspense
18Let Me Hear Your SongMystery, Romance, Comedy, Music
19Hip Hop KingRap, music, youth, slice of life
20Be MelodramaticRomance, Comedy, Life, Love, Melodrama
21Graceful FamilyFamily, Office, Romance
22Love AlarmRomance, High School, Comedy, Fantasy
23The Great ShowPolitical, Comedy
24Strangers From HellHorror, Webtoon adaption, Mystery

❤ September Korean Dramas ❤

september 2019 korean dramas
S.No.Drama NameGenre
25Arthdal Chronicles Part 3Fantasy, Historical, Romance
26Birthday LetterRomance, Historical, Drama Special
27Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage AgencyHistorical, Romance, Comedy
28When The Camellia BloomsRomance, Comedy, Thriller
29Secret BoutiqueMelodrama, Mystery, Woman-Centric
30Running InvestigatorsCrime, Social
31VagabondAction, Thriller, Romance
32Pegasus MarketBusiness, Comedy, Drama
33Miss LeeBusiness, Office, Comedy
34Melting Me SoftlySci-Fi, Rom-Com
35Beautiful Love, Wonderful LifeRomance, Melodrama
36Mung Bean Chronicles/ Tale of NokduHistorical, Romance, Comedy, Webtoon Adaption
37House of the UniverseDrama Special

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❤ October Korean Dramas ❤

airing dramas october 2019
S.No.Drama NameGenre
 38 Extraordinary YouHigh School, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Webtoon Adaption
 39 A Child SawDrama Special
 40 My CountryHistorical, Romance, drama, action, Mystery
 41 Tow TruckCrime, Mystery, Drama Special
 42 The Lies WithinThriller, Mystery, Investigation
 43 LeverageCrime, Investigation
 44 Live Like ThatDrama Special
 45 Catch The GhostMystery, Romance
 46 Scouting ReporterSports, Drama Special
47VIPMystery, Business, Romance, Melodrama
48Unasked FamilyFamily, Sitcom, Melodrama

❤ November Korean Dramas ❤

november 2019 korean dramas
S.No.Drama NameGenre
49Good Bye, B1 (special)Drama Special
50Never TwiceComedy, Romance, Melodrama
51Gracious RevengeMelodrama
52Understanding Of Social Dance (special)Drama Special
53Chief Of Staff Season 2Political, Thriller
54Wanna Taste?Family, Romance, Melodrama
55Have A Wash And Brush Up (special)Drama Special
56Psychopath DiaryThriller, Comedy
57Understanding Of Electric Shock (special)Drama Special
58Ogre (special)Drama Special
59Love With FlawsRomantic Comedy
61Hidden (special)Drama Special
62My Wife’s Bed (special)Drama Special

❤ December Korean Dramas ❤

december 2019 korean dramas
S.No.Drama NameGenre
63Bad LoveMelodrama
64Woman of 9.9 BillionRomance, Comedy, Thriller
65Woman With A Bleeding Ear (special)Drama special
66Stove LeagueSports, drama
67Crash Landing On YouRomance, Comedy, Action
68Selection: The War Between WomenFantasy, Historical
69Black DogMystery,  Romance
70Diary Of A ProsecutorLegal, Drama, Slice Of Life
71My Uncle is Audrey Hepburn (special)Drama Special
72Big Data Romance (special)Drama Special
73Human Luwak (special)Drama Special

So what was your number? How many Korean dramas from 2019 made to your drama journey? And how many you added to your watch list? Do let me know everything in the comments and also tell me if this recap list was helpful for you?

Anneyeong 🙂 ❤

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  1. This is what I love the most about your blog! It’s updated with everything! I had a little break in drama watching however right now I’m watching “Crash landing on you” and “Chocolate”. Both of which I am loving!

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