Lee Dong Wook And Gong Yoo New talk Show Because I Want To Talk

Gong Yoo And Lee Dong Wook Talks About Their Ideal Types In The New Talk Show “Because I Want To Talk”

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“Because I Want To Talk” is the new talk show in which Lee Dong Wook and Jang Do Yeon are the host. Gong Yoo is the first guest of the show and we get to see the amazing chemistry between our Grim Reaper and Goblin. Recently the two were asked about their ideal types by Jang Do Yeon.

In which Lee Dong Wook answered that he likes someone who is motherly and someone he can lean on and he can talk to in his difficult times. To this Gong Yoo joked and said he likes someone who is fatherly.

The cast laughed and then Gong Yoo continued and said that he is most attracted to a woman who is forward. He further added that the times have changed, and men don’t have to be the ones to propose. To this Jang Do Yeon jokingly proposed Gong Yoo, but Gong Yoo denied saying that he has no plans to marry yet. — So ladies you need to wait a little more for Gong Yoo.

“Because I Want To Talk” premiered on December 4 on SBS and is also available to watch online on Viki.

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