jang na ra for oh my baby new rom com drama 2020

Jang Na Ra (VIP) Is Reviewing The Offer For “Oh My Baby”

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Jang Na Ra who is currently starring in Korean drama “VIP” has been offered the lead role for a rom-com drama “Oh My Baby”. The actress is still reviewing the offer and is yet to confirm.

“Oh My Baby” Korean drama will tell the story of Jang Ha Ri who is the senior editor of a parenting magazine named “The Baby”. She is 39 years old but has been single for almost a decade. Jang Ha Ri desperately wants to have a baby but has no interest in marrying anyone. Meanwhile three men walks into her life and she is now confused whom she should chose.

The plot looks fun and Jang Na Ra would be an absolute female lead for this role, also I’m looking forward to see who the three male leads will be. “Oh My Baby” drama comes from the PD of drama “Leverage” and is expected to release sometime around June, 2020 on tvN.

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