Woman of 9.9 Billion drama 2019

Korean Drama “Woman Of 9.9 Billion” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)


“Woman Of 9.9 Billion” (or “9.9 Billion Woman”) is a KBS2 drama series that released on 4 December, 2019 and is available to watch online on Viki.

Woman of 9.9 Billion poster 2019


“Woman Of 9.9 Billion” Korean drama story will center around a woman named Jung Seo Yeon (Cho Yeo Jung) who happens to get 9.9 Billion won. She decides to use this money to solve various problems of the world. On her journey Seo Yeon meets Kang Tae Woo (Kim Kang Woo) who was once forced to leave his job of a cop due to falsely being accused of bribery. After his younger sibling dies Kang Tae Woo and Jung Seo Yeon both join hands to find its cause.


Romance, Comedy, Thriller

Main Cast

Cho Yeo Jung as Jung Seo Yeon
Kim Kang Woo as Kang Tae Woo
Oh Na Ra as Yoon Hee Joo
Lee Ji Hoon as Lee Jae Hoon
Jung Woong In as Hong In Pyo


Kdrama “Woman Of 9.9 Billion” will have a total of 32 episodes. (2 episodes back to back)

Still Cuts

Cho Yeo Jung 9.9 billion woman korean drama9.9 billion woman kdramaKim Kang Woo 9.9 billion woman9.9 Billion Woman drama 2019mystery drama woman of 9.9 billion womanLee Ji Hoon woman of 9.9 billionvillian in korean drama 9.9 billion womanwoman of 9.9 billion kdrama9.9 billion woman drama sceneKim Kang Woo and Cho Yeo Jung in woman of 9.9 billion woman


  1. Cho Yeo Jung and Kim Kang Woo also starred together in Korean drama “Lovers of Haeundae” (2012) before.
  2. Cho Yeo Jung starred in Korean drama “Beautiful World” (2019) before.
  3. Kim Kang Woo starred in Korean drama “Item” (2019) before.
  4. Oh Na Ra starred in Korean drama “Sky Castle” (2019) before.
  5. Lee Ji Hoon starred in Korean drama “Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung” (2019) before.
  6. Jung Woong In starred in Korean drama “Chief Of Staff” (2019) before.


Teaser Trailer

Episode 1, 2, 3, 4,… Highlights

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