korean dramas finished december 2019

6 Korean Dramas You Need To Say Goodbye In December 2019

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2019 is almost over and there are a few dramas that will be completing this December. Here is the list for that. It’s time to binge some latest Korean dramas if you didn’t catch up to them during their premieres. Enjoy 😉

1. The Lies Within

The Lies Within drama 2019

“The Lies Within” will tell the story of a female politician Kim Seo Hee (Lee Yoo Young) and a detective Jo Tae Sik (Lee Mi Ki). After Kim Seo Hee’s father sudden death her husband gets lost. In order do find her husband she decides to go into politics. She is also helped by detective Jo Tae Sik to find the truth.~ Know More

“The Lies Within” will be ending on 1 December, 2019.

2. Pegasus Market

Pegasus Market drama 2019

“Pegasus Market” Korean drama will tell the story of employees working at Cheonlima Mart who try to save it from ruination. Moon Seok Goo (Lee Dong Hwi) is manager at the mart. He makes Jeong Bok Dong (Kim Byung Chul) as the new CEO of Cheonlima mart in order to save it from ruination. But Jeong Bok Dong take advantage of the situation and works to completely destroy the mart in order to take revenge from Daema Group.~ Know More

“Pegasus Market” will be ending on 6 December, 2019.

3. Leverage

Leverage 2019

“Leverage: Con Artists” will tell the story of a former insurance investigator who now is the leader of a team called ‘Leverage’. The team is full of intelligent criminals, thieves and con artists Their job is to find the weaknesses of wealthy and corrupt people and exploit them.~ Know More

“Leverage” will be ending on 8 December, 2019.

4. Catch The Ghost

Catch the Ghost 2019

“Catch The Ghost” will tell a romantic story between detective Yoo Ryung (Moon Geun Young) and police chief Ko Ji Seok (Kim Seon Ho). Yoo Ryung is a detective who solve cases with a different perception than others mainly by using supernatural abilities. She became detective to find her missing sister. While Ko Ji Seok, the police chief solve the cases with the help of facts.~ Know More

“Leverage” will be ending on 10 December, 2019.

5. Chief Of Staff 2

Chief of staff season 2, Aide 2

Season 1 of “Chief Of Staff” told the story of Jang Tae Joon (Lee Jung Jae) who is a “super” advisor. The drama will show his survival story to becoming a powerful man of the nation and will also show the dark side of politics. Kang Sun Young (Shin Min Ah) is a lawyer turned politician. She dislikes aides.~ Know More

“Chief Of Staff 2” will be ending on 10 December, 2019.

6. VIP

drama Vip scene

VIP” will tell the story of Na Jung Sun (Jang Na-Ra) who is a bright and smart working women. She is married to Park Sung Joon (Lee Sang Yoon) who is her team leader at work. The drama will focus on the problems women face in the work environment and how they tackle with those problems.~ Know More

“VIP” will be ending on 24 December, 2019.

So these are the 6 Korean dramas that will be completed in December 2019. So which one you were watching or planning to watch? Do tell in Comments! 🙂

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