korean drama did we love? 2020 main cast

Korean Drama “Did We Love?” Confirms Main Cast

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Upcoming JTBC drama “Did We Love?” (also called “We, We’re in Love”) has confirmed its main cast. The drama will have Song Ji Hyo (Lovely Horribly), Son Ho Jun (Dazzling), Song Jong Ho (Arthdal Chronicles), Kim Min Joon (My Sassy Girl) and Koo Ja Sung (The Secret Life Of My Secretary) in the main cast.

“Did We Love?” Korean drama will tell a rom-com story about a single mother and film producer No Ae Jung (Song Ji Hyo) whose unlucky life takes a turn after she encounters four different types of men. One of them is a bad but tempting man another a pathetic but well-off man and a scary but sexy man, and a young but appealing man. Son Ho Jun will play the role of a man named Oh Dae Oh, Song Jong Ho of Ryu Jin, Kim Min Joon of Goo Pa Do and Koo Ja Sung of Oh Yun Woo.

Kdrama “Did We Love?” is expected to release in the first half of 2020.

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