Korean Drama “Understanding Of Social Dance” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Understanding Of Social Dance” (or “Socialization – Understanding of Dance”) is one of the KBS2 drama special 2019 series that released on 8 November, 2019 and is available to watch online on KBS World TV.


The story will revolve around Byung Hyun (Ahn Seung Kyoon) and Soo Ji (Shin Do Hyun). Byung Hyun falls in love with Soo Ji after he meets her at a social dance class.


Dance, Romantic, Comedy, Drama Special

Main Cast

  • Ahn Seung Kyoon as Byung Hyun
  • Shin Do Hyun as Soo Ji


Kdrama “Understanding Of Social Dance” will be a one episode drama.

Still Cuts

Ahn Seung Kyoon drama special understamding of a social danceShin Do Hyun drama special understanding of a social danceKdrama Understanding of a social dance 2019Understanding of a social dance korean drama special


  1. Ahn Seung Kyoon earlier starred in Korean drama “Haechi” (2019).
  2. Shin Do Hyun earlier starred in Korean drama “The Banker” (2019).



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