Catch the Ghost 2019

Korean Drama “Catch The Ghost” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Catch The Ghost” (or “Catch Yoo Ryung”) is a tvN drama series that released on 21 October, 2019 and will be soon available to watch online on Viki.

Catch the Ghost poster 2019


“Catch The Ghost” Korean drama will tell a romantic story between detective Yoo Ryung (Moon Geun Young) and police chief Ko Ji Seok (Kim Seon Ho). Yoo Ryung is a detective who solve cases with a different perception than others mainly by using supernatural abilities. She became detective to find her missing sister. While Ko Ji Seok, the police chief solve the cases with the help of facts.


Mystery, Romance

Main Cast

Moon Geun Young as Yoo Ryung
Kim Sun Ho as Go Ji Suk


Police officers


Kdrama “Catch The Ghost” will have a total of 16 episodes

Still Cuts

Kim Sun Ho korean drama Catch the ghostMoon Geun Young crying scene Catch the ghostRomantic scene Kim Sun Ho and Moon Geun Young Catch the ghostFunny Scene catch the ghost korean dramaPolice station catch the ghost KdramaCrime investigation drama 2019 catch the ghostJo Jae Yoon catch the ghostMoon Geun Young nd Kim Sun Ho drama catch the ghost


  1. Moon Geun Young starred in Korean drama “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” (2015) before.
  2. Kim Sun Ho starred in Korean drama “Laughter In Waikiki 2” (2019) before.



Episodes 1, 2, 3,….Preview (Highlights)

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