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Korean Drama “Down The Flower Path” Confirms Complete Cast

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KBS1 upcoming Korean family sitcom drama “Down The Flower Path” (also called “Unasked Family”) has confirmed its complete cast. On 16th the official poster for the drama showing its entire cast was released.

Choi Yoon So (Woman Of Dignity) and Seol Jung Hwan (Different Dreams) are confirmed as the main leads for the drama while Jung Yoo Min, Kim Gyu Chul, Kim Lee Kyung, Lee Yoo Jin, Jung So Young, Yang Hee Kyung and many more take the supporting roles.

Down The Flower Path Cast poster 2019 family korean drama
Official Poster “Down The Flower Path”

“Down The Flower Path” Korean drama will tell life-resetting story of Kang Yeo Won (Choi Yoon So) who is a good housewife and Bong Cheon Dong (Seol Jung Hwan) who is positive in nature. Kang Yeo Won has terrible in-laws and Bong Cheon Dong has a difficult life.

Kdrama “Down The Flower Path” will release on 28 October, 2019 on KBS1.



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