Live Like that drama special Korean 2019

Korean Drama “Live Like That” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Live Like That” is one of the KBS2 drama special 2019 series that released on 18 October, 2019.


“Live Like That” Korean drama will tell the story of a retired detective Choi Sung Eok (Jeong Dong Hwan) who puts all his savings into his son’s business. His family then suffers from financial difficulties. In order to deal with it Sung Eok takes the job of a janitor at a shopping building. There he meets Park Yong Goo (Joo Suk Tae) to whom he has arrested many times when he was a detective.


drama special

Main Cast

  • Jeong Dong Hwan as Choi Sung Eok
  • Joo Suk Tae as Park Yong Goo


Kdrama “Live Like That” is one episode drama.

Still Cuts

KBS2 drama specials 2019 allDrama Special KBS 2019Live Like that drama special Korean 2019Joo Suk Tae drama special Live Like that


  1. The drama special “Tow Truck” is one of the 10 short dramas airing in 2019 by KBS2


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