Frozen experiment melting me softly recap

Kdrama “Melting Me Softly” Episode 1 Recap (How I felt)

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“Melting Me Softly” is a story in which a man and a woman are convinced to be frozen for 24 hours for an experiment. But the experiment goes wrong and they both wake up after 20 years. Despite preserving their youth, the experiment results in a side effect in which they must keep their body temperature above 30°C in order to survive.

Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook), a cold yet good at love producer director and Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah), a part-time employee at a broadcasting station are the research participants of the experiment who later end up falling in love.

Why I Started Watching “Melting Me Softly”?

Well! not really because of Ji Chang Wook. Ok! a part of it is because of Ji Chang Wook. 😉 But I also liked the concept of the drama. It will be really interesting to see how both Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah’s character struggles when they wake up after 20 years and on top of that their families and friends all have aged in the time period while both of them are still young. And the chemistry is a sure, when Ji Chang Wook is there. So I went in without thinking much.

How I Felt When I First Watched “Melting Me Softly”? (First Impression + Episode 1 Recap)

The drama started with a man entering a mysterious place. As he enters, we see a strange place (I think it is a laboratory). It has a big machine inside it and a girl is lying inside it (she is Go Mi ran, we will know later) and Ji Chang Wook (character: Ma Dong Chan) grins over seeing the setup. (Fan Girl “Yes Ji Chang Wook is back!”) He then discusses with doctors and scientists about some project and at the end doctor asks Ma Dong Chan if he is ready to help them in the experiment. He agrees on one condition that is if the experiment will make this world better.

melting me softly ji chang wook ep 1 recap

In the next scene we see a man with a camera shooting everything in the laboratory and commentating as well. He calls it as the first frozen experiment and it is about to make history. Ma Dong Chan and Go Miran are now frozen inside that big machine.

The drama then goes into flashback and we get to see how Go Miran and Dong Chan were convinced to take part in the frozen experiment.

At first we see Go Miran who is an ordinary girl in her twenties doing part times and university at the same time. Her family is poor and her only brother suffers from autism. Currently she is working at a broadcasting station. (I liked her opening, she seems to be a fun, jolly and honest kind of girl). As Miran was having dinner with her family her brother asks her to get FINKL’s signature and what exactly she does in the broadcasting company. She smiles and sighs at the same time.

go miran funny scene recap melting me softly

Then the scene changes and we see Go Miran in bright yellow suit carrying a box of water bottles at her back and she is getting ready for a experiment for the Infinite Experiment Variety show. She need to be shot from the top and everybody worries how they will shoot her. And then Dong Chan comes confidently and says that he will do it. (So those slow shots on Ji Chang Wook are beginning already. 🙂 )

ji chang wook as director ma dong chan melting me softly episode 1 recap

The experiment begins and Miran flies up in the air due to water bottles box at her back. She is confident and not scared at all. (She knows her job. I got a feeling of a strong girl character here). The experiment completes successfully and both Dong Chan and Miran gives thumbs up to each other. (I felt like their characters are really well connected to each other, but later I find that it was not so).

go miran flying scene

Then we are at an award ceremony and Ma Dong Chan gets the best Variety TV show producer award. Everybody is shocked to see a handsome director. (Yes, Off course). He gives his speech and thanks his girlfriend in the end. (What! he already has a girlfriend? :0) The MC asks about his girlfriend and she comes on stage and gives flowers and congratulates to Ma Dong Chan. Both smiles at each other and the media keeps capturing the new couple in their cameras.

ma dong chan and his girlfriend ep 1 melting me softly recap

The scene changes and we see Dong Chan struggling to convince his girlfriend to allow him to take part in the frozen experiment. In the end she gets convinced but still worries about Dong Chan. Dong Chan asks his assistance (Hyun Ki) to find another person to do the experiment with him so that the experiment looks more convincing to the audience. Hyun Ki suggest him Miran. He asks who is she. Hyun Ki reminds him that she has been part of all the big experiments for our variety program how can you not remember her. Dong Chan is reminded and asks him to convince her for the experiment.

ftisland's lee hong ki as hyun ki in melting me softly

Hyun Ki then goes to Miran but she completely denies for such experiment. Hyun Ki even says that he will give her 5000$ but Miran denies it and decides to consult a professional first. There Dong Chan asks who is that professional and the scene changes, we see Miran and her friends with a fortune teller. (Haha This scene was so funny) At first the fortune teller seems to be fake but in the end it looked like she actually told the future. She told her that she would get the love of her life after 20 years but before that it will be really cold. (Haha she told it right this time) Miran gets sad upon hearing it.

melting me softly episode recap

Ma Dong Chan asks Hyun Ki if Miran has a boyfriend because if she has one then her boyfriend would not let her do the experiment. Suddenly Ma Dong Chan’s girlfriend calls him and asks him to come to movie theater. He rushes to her. There were also Miran and her boyfriend. All of them are watching the same movie and upon the ending of the movie both Dong Chan and Miran calls it beautiful. (I was like. You guys are with wrong partners. Haha I found this scene of the drama ‘beautiful’ ❤ ).

korean drama melting me sofy first impression recapji chang wook's theatre scenewon jin ah and

Then we see Miran and her boyfriend walking back towards her house. As they came near the house, they talked a bit and her boyfriend asks Miran for a passionate kiss. Miran was reluctant a bit. (They seriously are not a match, The kiss looked awkward too). As he was coming near her to kiss her he ultimately steps back as he gets scared seeing Miran’s little brother whose mouth was all soaked in blood (ketchup). The situation gets awkward and Miran goes inside her house.

won jin ah kiss scenewon jin ah and baro kiss scene melting me softly kdrama recap

There Ma Dong Chan and his girlfriend took their relationship to next level as he proposed her with an engagement ring. She tells him to just come out of the experiment alive.

ji chang wook and chae seo jin kiss please melt me korean drama

Then we are again in the present where both Dong Chan and Miran are frozen. Hyun ki and his co worker gets curious about the other participants of the experiment. As they starts to look around, the doctor immediately comes and stops them and tells them not to look around again. The doctor then thinks of his past which indicated the murder of his mentor at a bar.

Back to the flashback, we see Ma Dong Chan successfully convincing the head director for the frozen experiment thing. He then decides to convince Miran as well. Miran is at some park helping her friend to get a good profile picture. There she sees her boyfriend cheating her with some other girl.

go miran angry scengo miran old boyfriend cheating

She gets angry and runs towards them. She and her friends hops on a paddle boat and they start following Miran boyfriend’s paddle boat. As Miran was losing them she jumps on the boat and soar high in the sky like a superman and then lands her kick on her boyfriend.

funny scene gomiran superhero in melting me softly-249660150..jpg

Ma Dong Chan, Hyun Ki and everybody in the park was watching it. (It was really funny) Ma Dong Chan then says that she is perfect for the experiment as she needs to cool down a lot. (This dialogue was so funny really. 😀 )

ji chang wook melting me softly first impression

Then Miran, her boyfriend and the girl all are sitting in the police station. Ma Dong and Hyun Ki also follows them and he is happy that Miran is no longer having a boyfriend and it is good for the experiment. The policeman while writing the report laughs on seeing this. (lolz)

funny scene gomiran boyriend cheating melting me softly recap

Then the scene changes and we see that Ma Dong Chan offers a drink which he thinks Miran likes but she actually hates that drink. Miran knows that he came to convince her for the experiment and she denies it again. Ma Dong Chan says if she don’t want to do it then she don’t need to do it. He further says that he saw her kicking her boyfriend and he was impressed by her. Miran asks that why he was impressed over this, if he is a pervert. Ma Dong Chan clarifies and says that when he sees someone similar to him, his brain releases dopamine. (Ah! trust me he don’t know but he has fallen for her after that for sure. This dialogue was a bit romantic too. hehe ❤ )

ji chang wook and won jin ah melting me softly cute scene

Ma Dong Chan further added that this experiment could help to cure many diseases. This clicks Miran and she asks if it is true. (She becomes hopeful that her little brother suffering from autism could be cured) She cries and Ma Dong Chan reminds her that she don’t need to do it, if she don’t want to. She then excuses and goes away.

ma dong chan and go miran crying scene cute melting me softly recap

The scene changes and we are back in the laboratory where (in the present) Hyun Ki was telling that after that day Miran was persistence to do the experiment while Ma Dong Chan denied it. (Aww, ma Dong Chan is seriously worried about her after seeing her crying. Trust me they are going to have amazing chemistry in future and Ma Dong Chan is the love of Miran’s life as the fortune teller said ❤ ).

It has been 24 hours and it is time to defrost both Ma Dong Chan and Miran as it was supposed to be. The doctor does not allow Hyun Ki filming the defrosting process and sends him outside. Meanwhile the doctor tells his assistance that he needs to go somewhere urgent and he will be back till the defrosting time. The assistance tells the doctor to comeback early as only he knows the defrosting process.

But the doctor gets chased by a suspicious car and while escaping he gets into an accident. There in the laboratory his assistant gets worried as only a few minutes are left to defrost Ma Dong Chan and Go Miran. The time goes up and the temperature of the machine in which Ma Dong Chan and Go Miran are kept, keeps dropping. The emergency siren buzzes all around the lab. The assistance all confused switches off the main switch. (I think it was that)

Frozen experiment melting me softly

The end (Aghh! it was getting more interesting can’t wait for episode 2)

Would I Recommend the Kdrama “Melting Me Softly” Based on the First Episode?

Yes! Yes! Yes! these days in the drama world we rarely get to see such sci-fi rom-com drama. Both Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah’s character are absolutely pleasing to watch and they carried out these characters so beautifully. I liked how they showed us little hints of their romance in the first episode although it was nearly impossible to show in this story-line (of their past). The execution was carried out well and even though the first episode was just an opening of the drama, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I believe the plot could get intriguing with the coming episodes and an amazing chemistry between the leads lies ahead. Go for it! as you might miss a lovely rom-com.

What about you? Are you thinking about watching it? or have you started it already? If so then do let me know how you felt about it. I would love to know it.

Anneyeong 🙂 ❤

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