Extraordinary You 2019

Korean Drama “Extraordinary You” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Extraordinary You” (also called “Ha Roo Found by Chance” or “A Day Found By Chance”) is a MBC drama series that released on 2 October, 2019 and will be soon available to watch online on Viki.

Extraordinary You poster 2019.jpg


“Extraordinary You” Korean drama will tell a story of high-school girl Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) who happens to relate her personality and life to a supporting character in a romance manga. She then tries to change the story of her life by using the flashes of story board which is only seen by her.


High School, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Webtoon Adaption

Main Cast

Kim Hye Yoon as Eun Dan Oh
Kim Ro woon as Ha Roo
Lee Jae Wook as Baek Kyung


Kdrama “Extraordinary You” will have a total of 32 episodes. (could be more)

Still Cuts (from trailers)

Rowoon in Extraordinary youfunny Korean drama 2019Eun Dan Oh's friend extraordinary youLee Jae Wook Haro Found By chance extraordinary youEun Dun Oh shocked to see her charcater in WebtoonKim Hye Yoon funny scene extraordinary youdrama where girls character is of webtooncute scene kim se hyun and rowoon extraordinary you dramafunny kiss scene Haroo found by chanceother couple in classroom extraordinary you


  1. “Extraordinary You” is based on the webcomic series “어쩌다 발견한 7월 / July Found by Chance” written by Moo Ryoo (무류) which was first published on 2018-January-18 on comic.daum.com.
  2. Kim Hye Yoon starred in Korean drama “Sky Castle” (2018) before.
  3. Kim Ro Woon earlier starred in Korean drama “Where Stars Land” (2018).
  4. Lee Jae Wook starred in Korean drama “Search: WWW” (2019) before.


Teaser Trailer (character Eun Dan Oh)

Character Ha Roo

Preview trailer

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