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Kdrama Review: “The Wind Blows” A Story About Realistic Marriage

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The wind blows is a drama about a married couple who get divorced due to differences in opinions mainly about starting a family.

A brief summary of “The Wind Blows” goes like this. Lee Soo Jin and Kwon Do Hoon are each other’s first love and get married after meeting in college. However, their marriage comes to an end when Lee Soo Jin decides that she wants to start a family and have kids to which her husband Kwon Do Hoon refuses to accept that as he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. They however, reunite 6 years later and the real story begins then.

Characters: The acting in this drama was phenomenal. The male lead Do Hoon, played by actor Kam Woo Sang is at a good post at a confectionery company. Kam Woo Sang did such a great job portraying an Alzheimer patient. Everything from his eyes, body language, speech, tone everything was on point. You could tell exactly how he was feeling by just his facial expression, considering he didn’t have much dialogue in the last few episodes but they were his best scenes, such a powerhouse performance.

Official photo-during divorce the wind b lows

The female lead Lee Soo Jin played by Kim Ha Neul is an artist and a good house wife. The acting was so brilliant in this drama (though I want Kam Woo Sang to really not be an ill person for once but he acts these characters so good) they are really good at conveying their emotions via acting. Kim Ha Neul was such a treat to watch. She was so immersed into her role.

Official photo during divorce the wind blows Kim Ha NeulSoo Jin before divorce

People around Lee Soo Jin include Brian Jung, played by Kim Sung Chul who is a CEO of a production company and a close friend of Lee Soo Jin’s brother. His colleague and girlfriend Son Ye Rim, a visual effects makeup artist played by Kim Ga Eun also adds to the story with her close bond and friendship with Lee Soo Jin. The two characters were central to the story as they become a big help for Soo Jin along the way, in both good and bad times and gives her their full support.

Brian and Ye Rim at work

People around Kwon Do Hoon are Choi Hang Soo, a sushi restaurant owner, Do Hoon’s best friend and biggest supporter. His character was so selfless, big hearted and such an angel. Also, provided the much needed comic relief from all the sadness of this family melo and not forgetting Baek Soo Ah is another close confidante of both Soo Jin and Do Hoon and she works at Hang Soo’s restaurant as a chef.

Do Hoon and Hang SooHang Soo Baek Soo AH

This series didn’t have any negative characters as it was a story about realistic marriage, life, love, loss, kids, single parenting and divorce. All relationships shown in the story are mature couples dealing with actual life problems. Weirdly enough, this drama hit all the soft spots in me.

The start of this drama doesn’t have much going on, it is an introduction to the characters. We have a couple who was once happily married but is on the brink of falling apart because of issues that are most probably deeper than the woman wanting a child and the man rejecting having a child. The viewers will get curious as to why the man is rejecting having a kid, is it financial issues or is it something bigger? as the Alzheimer’s disease is still not revealed to him.

Lee Soo Jin wanting kids.png

I found the character of Do Hoon detestable at first because of how he treats Soo Jin but slowly yet surely I started to sympathize and understand him more. Couples split up for lots of reasons; affairs, money, voting for the wrong president? The list can be long but to have or not to have kids is the most fundamental issue. The first episode was a nice episode overall, I somewhat understood the characters and their initial personalities and looked forward to more development.

Distance between Do Hoon and Soo Jin.png

The second half of the show is the real gem. The way they showed how Do Hoon’s family and friends deal with his illness, how it impacted them, how it made them feel, Do Hoon’s progression through it, their daughter Ah Reum, Soo Jin’s family’s feelings towards her wanting to be with Do Hoon.

Do Hoon meeting daughter for first time.png

It was all so well done, so realistic, lifelike and sensible. It was not the most real but the most genuine. There were dramatic factors added to it but I would like to think that is how it is for actual people suffering from Alzheimer and their families. I hope people actually going through this find some sort of  comfort/relativity through this series.

Soo Jin discovering Do Hoon's disease

A few things I didn’t like or thought could have been better were during the first half the way the story picks up each episode and the pacing is the not the best. It made the drama seem boring. It would have been nicer if they showed Do Hoon’s struggle with the disease and Soo Jin’s struggle with her marriage from the beginning in their own point of views. It would’ve been nice if the scenes would progress at least more between Do-Hoon and Soo-Jin’s; probably a flashback scenes from the early stage of their dating to marriage; how they were during those times, or it might be interesting to find out Do-Hoon’s relationship with his wealthy father- why did he choose Soo-Jin’s over his wealthy background. It would have given the drama a very natural pacing and the viewers would have seen the progression of Alzheimer from the very start as it gets from bad to worse.

SPOILER: One thing I didn’t like about this drama was because of the whole premise of Soo Jin dressing up as someone else to trick her husband into having an affair. That was the stupidest plot trope I have ever seen. I am still glad though I stuck through that bit because it does get a lot better towards the second half.

Main couple reuniting after 6 years

This drama was definitely aimed more towards the mature audience as it has a very few relatibility factors for the young. This drama is not for people who really believe that a good ending means ‘no one dies and everyone is happy, this drama cannot ensure you a happy ending or comedy or eternal love and sunshine without any tears but it will for sure make you learn something valuable.

Happy family ending 2

Overall, this drama was really well produced, well rounded with good acting, heart felt and genuine characters, a deep realistic story-line.

Rating: 8/10.


A lot of thanks to Maria Irfan for writing this review.

(Maria Irfan is an avid Kdrama lover. She is soon going to be a university student. She has a very beautiful habit of maintaining her reviews in her diary after watching a Korean drama. She wanted a platform to show her reviews to the world and I’m glad and thankful for the day she messaged me and trusted Kdrama Crazy for this job.)

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