love is beautiful, life is wonderful drama 2019

First 2 Trailers Of “Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful” Shows Family, Love And Relationships

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We have first 2 trailers released for the upcoming KBS2 drama “Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful”. The drama have Jo Yoon Hee, Yoon Park, Seol In Ah, Kim Jae Young, Oh Min Suk, Jo Woo Ri and many more in its cast. The first trailer showed some elder people talking about their spouses and the second one showed the meeting of characters with each other and some happy family scenes with love and affection in the end. Overall it looks like a happy family and romance drama.

“Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful” Korean drama will tell a love story between a cold young chef Goo Jun Hwi (Kim Jae Young) and a rude woman Kim Chung Ah (Seol In Ah) who has been studying for the civil service exam for 8 years. Goo Jun Hwi doesn’t believe in marriage. Kim Chung Ah has given up on every distraction in her life so that she can study well for the civil service exam. Despite ignoring dating and relationships the two will end up falling in love with each other and finding the true happiness.

“Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful” will release on 28 September, 2019.

Watch both the trailers here.

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