Korean Drama “Pegasus Market” Releases First Teaser

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Another webtoon adaption drama in the line, this time it is “Pegasus Market” which released its first teaser trailer. The “Pegasus Market” (also called “Cheap Cheonlima Mart”) will have Lee Dong Hwi, Kim Byung Chul, Park Ho San, Lee Soon Jae and Jung Hye Sung in the main cast.

The teaser shows us a glimpse of Pegasus market and the backs of its employees. Then Kim Byung Chul and Lee Dong Hwi comes confidently and smiles towards the camera. Hmm! not much of the details about the drama though, but as it is a webtoon adaption so we can hope for a better drama.

Kim Byung Chul and Kim Dong Hwi in Pegasus Market Korean drama

“Pegasus Market” will tell the story of employees working at Cheonlima Mart who try to save it from ruination. Moon Seok Goo (Lee Dong Hwi) is manager at the mart. He makes Jeong Bok Dong (Kim Byung Chul) as the new CEO of Cheonlima mart in order to save it from ruination. But Jeong Bok Dong take advantage of the situation and works to completely destroy the mart in order to take revenge from Daema Group.

Kdrama “Pegasus Market” will air on tvN on 20 September, 2019.

Here is the teaser~

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