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First Trailer Released For Korean Drama “Secret Boutique”


SBS new drama “Secret Boutique” released the first teaser trailer. “Secret Boutique” will have Kim Sun Ah (Children of Nobody), Jang Mi Hee, Park Hee Bon and Kim Jae Young in the main leads. The first trailer shows some powerful ladies involved in some power games. And SBS further describes “Secret boutique” as a place where black desires mix. The trailer gives a hint of some secrets that is known only to Kim Sun Ah and Jang Mi Hee.

Secret Boutique KdramaKim Sun Ah secret boutiqueJang Mi Hee Secret Boutique

“Secret Boutique” will tell the story of a poor women Jenny Jang (Kim Sun Ah) who after becoming successful working as a housemaid for a conglomerate family opens a J Boutique. She has a unique personality with business-minded attitude, due to which she becomes a powerful woman at the corrupt upper echelon and also starts working as a lobbyist. Her boutique then becomes a place to carry out upper class cases secretly.

The drama will release on 18 September, 2019.

Watch the trailer here~


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