arthdal chronicles part 3 trailer and release date

It’s Ta Gon VS Eun Seom In New Trailer Of Arthdal Chronicles Part 3


So finally we have a trailer for “Arthdal Chronicles Part 3: Arth Prelude To All Legends”. The tvN drama released the first two parts on June 1 and June 22 respectively. The third part was supposed to air after Hotel Del Luna on September 7. Finally the fans can continue to watch the Arthdal series after a long gap. Like previous seasons this season will also have a total of 6 episodes.

Eun Seom by Song Joon Ki Arthdal Chronicles kdramata gon Arthdal season 3Tae Al Ha Arthdal chronicles part 3Mubaek part 3 arthTanya by Kim Ji won Athdal chronicles season 3 Korean drama

The Part 3 of Arthdal Chronicles teaser trailer is intense. It shows the struggles of the antagonist and protagonist to win the Arthdal. This time Eun Seom has come out strong and he is ready to battle against Ta Gon. Tanya has already won the hearts of the people of Arthdal and she is looking the most powerful among all the characters. While Tae Al Ha seems to be struggling and Ta Gon must do everything to protect his secret of being an Igutu.

“Arthdal Chronicles” story revolves around the power struggles, love and growth of the ancient city of Arthdal, the capital of Gojoseon. Arthdal Chronicles Part 3 will release on 7 September, 2019.

Watch the trailer here~

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