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After Angel Infinite’s L Is Considering The Role Of A Magical Cat


We may get to see Kim Myung Soo (Angel’s Last Mission: Love) popularly known as Infinite’s L in another fantasy drama called “Welcome” (Earlier known as Man Who Bakes Bread). The singer and actor has been offered the main lead role of a magical cat which can transform into a human. Earlier BTOB’s Yook Sungjae was offered the same role but he stepped down. While Park Eun Bin and Seo Ji Hoon are still in talks.

“Welcome” is a fantasy rom-com Korean drama in which a male cat named Hong Jo has the power to change into a person. The cat Hong Jo loves its owner and in order to stay close to her it changes into human at times. Kim Sol Ah a woman in her 20s,  is the cat owner. The drama will focus on the relationship between the magical cat and his owner.

The drama is based on a webtoon and will be directed by Lee Jong Jae who has also directed 2018’s historical hit Kdrama “100 Days My Prince”. It is looking to air later in 2019.

Infinite’s L was such a cute angel in his previous drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love and seeing him in the role of a cat would be really mesmerizing.

What do you think about Infinite’s L new project? Should he accept the role?

4 comments on “After Angel Infinite’s L Is Considering The Role Of A Magical Cat”

  1. I’m definitely gonna watch this – not because of Kim Myung Soo but because of the cat 😀
    I love my cat and it would be wonderful if he can magically transform into a handsome human, just like Studio Ghibli’s The Cat Returns.

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