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After “Boyfri3nds” Lululala Story Lab Releases New Horror Web Drama “Alive”

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“Boyfri3nds” (also called I Have 3 Boyfriends) was such a fun drama. It released on Lululala Story Lab YouTube channel and gained love from viewers all around the world. The channel will now be releasing a horror web drama called “Alive” following Boyfri3nds.

“Alive” will tell a thriller story about a man named Kim Do Yoon who starts a new job at a call center. Soon he finds out that the call center is haunted.

Alive web drama 2019 poster

Recently a teaser for the Korean web drama “Alive” has been updated on the Lululala Story Lab YouTube channel. The teaser starts with a boss shouting at one of her employees and telling her that they are expendables and expendables have no feelings. She then introduces a new employee to the call center employees. He is Kim Do Yoon. When Kim Do Yoon was working late in the call center suddenly the lights turned off and the ghostly hands appears from his back. Wo! Spooky!

“Alive” web drama will release on 17 August, 2019 on Lululala Story Lab YouTube channel at 10 P.M (KST) every Wed/Sat.

Here is the teaser~


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