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Korean Drama “Hip Hop King” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)


“Hip Hop King” (or “Hip Hop King Nassna Street” ) is an SBS drama series that released on 9 August, 2019 and will be soon available to watch online on Viki.

Hip Hop King Nassna Street poster 2019


“Hip Hop King – Nassna Street” Korean drama story will revolve around some young people along with their experiences with hip hop music and culture.

Bang Young Baek (Lee Ho Won) a high school student who lives with his poor grandmother moves to Seoul to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper. There he joins Doobak High School and meets Song Ha Jin (Lee Na Eun), Kim Tae Hwang (Shin Won Ho) and Seo Ki Ha (Han Hyun Min). Song Ha Jin and Seo Ki Ha becomes friends with Young Baek. Kim Tae Hwang is from a rich family whose parents are supportive for his rapping career.


Rap, music, youth, slice of life

Main Cast

Lee Ho Won as Bang Young Baek
Lee Na Eun as Song Ha Jin
Shin Won Ho as Kim Tae Hwang
Han Hyun Min as Seo Ki Ha


Kdrama “Hip Hop King” will have a total of 6 episodes.

Still Cuts (from trailers)

hoya rapper hip hop king new dramatrailer hip hop king kdramahip hop king april's naeunShin Won Ho new drama hip hop kingHoya and April's Na eun in hip hop king


  1. Lee Ho Won was a rapper and vocalist in boy band Infinite and has earlier starred in Korean drama “Devilish Charm” (2018).
  2. Lee Na Eun is a member of girl group April has earlier starred in web drama “A-TEEN 2
  3. Shin Won Ho is a member of multinational idol group Cross Gene has earlier starred in Korean drama “Love Affairs In The Afternoon” (2019).
  4. Han Hyun Min is the first Korean model of African descent to walk the catwalks in South Korea. He has earlier starred in Korean drama “Tale of Fairy” (2018)


Trailer 1  (teaser)

Trailer (characters)

Highlights (Ep1, 2, … preview)

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